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Integromat duplicate paths

Something that regularly crops up with Integromat is when you search for an existing record in some external service. If the record doesn’t exist, you need to create it. If it does exist, you need to update it. And then in both instances, you need to follow the same set of following actions. So youContinue reading “Integromat duplicate paths”

Zoho CRM instant webhooks

If you want to trigger an Integromat scenario when something gets added to your Zoho CRM (for example, a new lead), Integromat has the Zoho CRM “Watch Objects” module, configured here to fire on new leads: But notice the clock icon – this is a scheduled trigger running periodically, rather than an instant trigger thatContinue reading “Zoho CRM instant webhooks”

How to continue a scenario only after all bundles are processed

In an Integromat scenario, you often run into the need to continue only after all bindles are processed, such as at the end of an array Iterator. For example, you’re running through the line items in an Order. Only after processing all the bundles for all line items in the array do you want toContinue reading “How to continue a scenario only after all bundles are processed”