Why should I automate my business processes?

Every business operates in different sectors, and most small business owners tend to think of that sector as defining what the company actually does. But if you want to analyse and understand how the business is working and how to improve it, you need information.

So HOW can I automate my business processes?

No-code integration solutions allow you to connect online services by using their developer APIs, but without having to write a single line of code.

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Zoho CRM instant webhooks

If you want to trigger an Integromat scenario when something gets added to your Zoho CRM (for example, a new lead), Integromat has the Zoho CRM “Watch Objects” module, configured here to fire on new leads: But notice the clock icon – this is a scheduled trigger running periodically, rather than an instant trigger thatContinue reading “Zoho CRM instant webhooks”

So HOW can I integrate my business processes?

Nowadays, most small businesses are moving to Cloud-based business software solutions. This is where you access your business software (and data) through a web browser, over the internet. Nothing is stored locally  – and this gives some big advantages: Much cheaper to set up – high initial costs for server hardware or software licenses areContinue reading “So HOW can I integrate my business processes?”


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